Percutaneous Laparoscopy
The Next Generation of Minimally Invasive Laparoscopy

Welcome to Mini-Lap Technologies, Inc.

Mini-Lap Technologies develops the next-generation of minimally invasive surgerical instrumentation. MiniLapTM instruments are ultra-minimally invasive devices that significantly enhance commonly performed laparoscopic procedures both as a platform as well as a bridge to single-port and NOTES applications.

The instrumentation has been developed by a surgeon with the patient, clinician and administrator in mind. By integrating these very small diameter instruments and the delivery conduit in a disposable instrument with a 2.3mm outer diameter, MiniLapTM helps the surgical administrator to control costs, helps the patient benefit from significantly minimized surgical pain and scaring, and provides ease-of-use to the surgeon.

Mini-Lap Technologies' platform technology MiniLapTM will continue to expand to enable the surgeon and address a broader range of clinical challenges.

MiniLapTM instruments have been cleared by the FDA for the grasping and manipulation of soft tissue in surgery.